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Tweel: Airless Tires

tweel airless tires
Tweel Tires
Car using Tweel Tires

Tweel is a design concept for airless tires, currently being experimented by Michelin a French tire company. They are experimenting with a wide array of ride and handling qualities of these tires by varying the size and thickness of spokes. Michelin is not the only company which is working on the airless tire design. There is another company, Resilient Technologies, developing its own airless tires with a different technology known as the NPT (non-pneumatic tire). They are mostly targeting military vehicles, more information can be found at Fox News.

Advantage of the Tweel Tires

The tweel technology does not require compressed air in tires, instead it uses polyurethane spokes to support the outer rim and play the role of shock absorbers. Since they don’t require air they won’t burst, thereby eliminating the problem of flat tires.

Tweel Tires
Tweel Tires Technology

Car image courtesy: Fourtitude.com

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