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11 Amazing Photos Taken By Scott Kelly During His Year In Space

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Astronaut and Commander Scott Kelly just returned after his 340-day space expedition. By doing so he also became the U.S. Astronaut to spend the most time in space. During his stay he took some stunning photographs which will amaze you.
Courtesy: NASA/Scott Kelly.

Alps with Italian boot from space
The Alps with the entire Italian boot visible here through clouds. Kelly tweeted in January 2016.

Light of Sun reflecting on atmosphere
The yellow band seen in this image is the light of Sun reflecting on atmosphere.
Kelly tweeted “Day 207, dusk over the Indian Ocean with a yellow band on the horizon,”.

Algerias Tassili NAjjer National Park from space
This amazing colorful photo of Algeria’s Tassili N’Ajjer National Park was posted by Kelly in Feb 2016.

space photo of caribbean archipelagus
In this tweet, Kelly said: “#Bahamas, the strokes of your watercolors are always a refreshing sight.” This photo of the Caribbean archipelagus was taken in July 2015. NASA/Scott Kelly

Governorate of Wadi Al Jadid in Egypt
After capturing this amazing photo of the Governorate of Wadi Al-Jadid in Egypt, Kelly tweeted “#GoodMorning #Egypt! Your colors never cease to amaze! #YearInSpace”.

fist flower grown in space
Kelly snapped this picture of Zinnia plant in January 2016. Its the first flower grown in space.

Hurricane Patricia from space
Image of Hurricane Patricia which was the second most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded. Seeing it over Mexico, Kelly remarked on how devastating it looked.

Earth and the Milky Way
This stunning picture captures our homes in the cosmos, Earth and the Milky Way.

aurora from space
This stunning image shows the aurora from last August 2015.

Tibets lake Langa Co
An image of the saltwater lake La’nga Co in Tibet. Kelly tweeted this picture in January 2016.

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