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Transparent Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse made of Glass

transparent keyboard mouse glass

Glass multi-touch Keyboard and Mouse

This classic multi-touch keyboard and mouse is made of single piece transparent glass. A metal base which contains infrared LED light is used to hold the glass. A camera using FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) technology is placed below the glass which makes the keyboard work. See image below to understand the functionality.

FTIR technology used in keyboard

Features of multi-touch glass keyboard and mouse

  • It has all the keys which you would normally find on a traditional keyboard, which are imprinted on the backside of the glass so that they won’t rub off.
  • Both the keyboard and mouse are wireless and rechargeable with Lithium Polymer batteries.
  • Have Bluetooth support.
  • Have sound and light which can be enabled and disabled.

No more annoying noise of the keys, no food crumbs and dust stuck between the keys and if you spill a coffee by chance you can just wipe it off. This is an ultimate showpiece of a gadget for the technology geeks.

More information on the project here.

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