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3 Great Benefits of Being Able to Record Streaming Audio from a Computer

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Have you ever tried to record audio directly from your computer? Essentially that means recording whatever it is that you’re listening to – and then saving it on your hard drive so that you have it in an audio file. Few people realize how beneficial it is to be able to do just that – but there actually quite a number of compelling reasons why you should consider it.

Listen to a song from internet radio again

If you’re a fan of internet radio or even online music streaming services then recording the audio will allow you to save and listen to the song once again even if the platform doesn’t provide a feature to do so.

Grab audio from video guides as audio lessons

In some cases video guides are extremely useful because they ‘show’ you what to do. However in other cases the video is largely perfunctory and pretty much pointless and you could manage just as well grabbing the audio and saving it as an audio lesson that you can listen while on the go using your MP3 player.

Record part of a movie or video game soundtrack

Ever find part of a movie or game soundtrack particularly epic? Having the ability to record it so that you can share it with your friends is definitely one great use of recording audio streams.


Of course to unlock any of these benefits you’ll need to be able to record streaming audio – which is where Movavi Screen Capture Studio comes in. Although chiefly a screen capture software, it will easily act as a streaming audio recorder and get the job done with absolutely no hassle.

More importantly, with Movavi Screen Capture Studio you’ll also have several editing features that will be extremely useful. Most notably you will be able to trim out any unwanted segments from your recording so that only the relevant bits remain. Aside from that most of the other features tend to be more focused on editing videos by improving their quality, applying special effects and filters, adding customizable text, and much more.

Make no mistake, if you’ve never tried to record streaming audio off your computer in the past you should certainly give it a go with Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Be warned – it’s easy to get hooked on how useful and convenient it is once you start however.

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